The newest automatic FTID/Boxing service. We have HQ boxers and reliable support to resolve any problems. Track the status of your ftids, — in all countries— on one easy to use dashboard. .


Package tracking

With our new service, you are able to keep track of every one of your packages purchased here with out service.


Everyone loves ease of use and we are no different! Your orders go directly to the appropriate boxer so they can get to work on your order immediately.

Fast Support

You don't know what FTID you should choose? Your package hasn't been scanned yet? No problem, join our Telegram group and we will provide the best support possible.



What Countries do you ship from?

We currently ship from Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, United States and Poland.

I get a lot of labels weekly, do i get any bulk discount?

Please DM us on Telegram if you are interested in a bulk discount, we will decide whether you're eligible or not.

How long does it take you to ship my FTID?

Shipping time varies depending on the country, we welcome you to take a look in our Telegram group to see how long it takes on average per country.

MY REFUND/SE FAILED!! Can i get a refund?

NO! We aren't responsible for your failed refunds/SEs, nor are we going to provide you support refunding. If any mistake was made on our end we'll refund the money in full.